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City Hall: 319.442.3246.

(City Hall has no set business hours.  Please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.)

Iowa One Call:  1.800.292.8989 (call before you do any digging)

Application Forms for Water/Sewer/Garbage Service and Pet Registration Form


An application form and water deposit is required from every occupied house within the city.  Application forms are available at City Hall and below.

If you are a home owner you are required to pay $100 prior to acquiring possession of the property.  The deposit, without interest, will be returned to the owner after one year of timely water bill payments.  If you are an owner of rental property, your water deposit will stay on file until the property is no longer a rental property.  Tenants of rental properties shall make a $250 water deposit.  The deposit shall be refunded only after the tenant moves from the property and all water bills are paid in full.

Water Application Form-Homeowner

Water Application-Renter

Water / Sewer

Provided by the City of Keystone.  It is condensed on one bill, which you will receive around the 25th of each month.  The bill is due the 10th of the month to avoid a penalty.  Payments may be dropped off at the City Hall in the mail slot or mailed to the City of Keystone, PO Box 215, Keystone, IA  52249.  Rates are as follows:

WATER RATES:  $11.08 for the first 1000 gallons (minimum monthly bill)  |  $4.80 for each additional 1000 gallons

SEWER RATES:  $9.25 for the first 1000 gallons (minimum monthly bill)  |  $6.95 for each additional 1000 gallons

WATER DEBT REDUCTION:  $17.00 per month.  The debt reduction charge is for a State Loan that the City of Keystone receive to erect the new water tower and replace existing water mains.  This charge will stay in effect until the loan has been paid in full.

SEWER DEBT REDUCTION:  $45.00 per month.  The debt reduction charge is for a lagoon update that is being required by the Iowa DNR so we are in compliance with their regulations.  This charge will stay in effect until the project and loan have been paid in full.

Garbage / Recycle

Garbage/Recycle pickup is on Thursday contracted thru J&R Enterprises.  Payment is condensed together with water/sewer. Please have your garbage cart and recycle cart (every other week, see calendar) out by 7:00 am.  Where you place your garbage/recycle cart varies on the route.  Please check with your neighbors.  Garbage in the garbage carts must be also in a bag.  Only garbage that fits in the cart will be accepted.  J&R will not pick up garbage sitting in a bag on the street.  All recyclables go into the recycle cart with the blue lid.  Below is a list of the items accepted.  We also offer yard waste pickup.  This usually occurs April through October weather permitting.  Yard waste pickup is on Monday from April until November, weather permitting.

GARBAGE/RECYCLE RATES:  $12.66 per month  |  $6.16 per month landfill fees

TIPPING FEE:  3.00 per month.  This is a fee imposed by the Benton County Landfill for the amount of garbage that is brought to the landfill per ton.

Recycling Made Easy - No Sorting - All Recyclables in one Container


All FIBER:  newspaper, magazines, mixed paper, chipboard, cardboard    NO wax/coated paper, paper napkins, plates, cups or towels.

All CONTAINERS: Plastic, steel and aluminum, Food/Beverage, Personal Care, Household Care    NO aerosol cans, plastic bags or other non container plastics

Pet Registration:

All cats and all dogs over the age of six months within the city limits are required to obtain a dog or cat license annually by January 31 by purchasing a tag for $10.  A $15/month/registration penalty will be incurred after February 1.  No more than 5 dogs and cats are allowed at any residence within the city limits.  No more than three dogs or three cats for a combined total of five dogs and cats will be allowed.

Mulitple Pet Form

 Automatic Bank Deduct Form

Auth for Direct Payments (ACH Debits)

Code of Ordinances 2019 City of Keystone


Electricity is provided by Alliant Utilities 1.800.255.4268

Telephone and Cable services are provided by Keystone Communications:  86 Main Street, Keystone  319.442.3241